We believe that effective teaching promotes high levels of learning, progress, enjoyment and well-being for all students and it uses marking and assessment as an integral mechanism for meeting the needs of all pupils. In order to reach these high levels of learning and achieving pupil attainment targets, teaching must be outstanding and never less than consistently good.

All our staff must be able to:

  • demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of the subjects they teach. They use questioning highly effectively and demonstrate understanding of the ways pupils think about subject content. They identify pupils’ common misconceptions and act to ensure they are corrected plan lessons
  • very effectively, making maximum use of lesson time and coordinating lesson resources well. They manage pupils’ behaviour highly effectively with clear rules that are consistently enforced
  • provide adequate time for practice to embed the pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills securely. They introduce subject content progressively and constantly demand more of pupils. Teachers identify and support any pupil who is falling behind, and enable almost all to catch up
  • check pupils’ understanding systematically and effectively in lessons, offering clearly directed and timely support
  • provide pupils with incisive feedback, in line with the school’s assessment policy, about what pupils can do to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills
  • set challenging homework, in line with the school’s policy and as appropriate for the age and stage of pupils, that consolidates learning, deepens understanding and prepares pupils very well for work to come
  • embed reading, writing and communication and, where appropriate, mathematics exceptionally well across the curriculum, equipping all pupils with the necessary skills to make progress. For younger children in particular, phonics teaching is highly effective in enabling them to tackle unfamiliar words
  • be determined that pupils achieve well. They encourage pupils to try hard, recognise their efforts and ensure that pupils take pride in all aspects of their work. Teachers have consistently high expectations of all pupils’ attitudes to learning
  • ensure that students love the challenge of learning and are resilient to failure. They are curious, interested learners who seek out and use new information to develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills. They thrive in lessons and also regularly take up opportunities to learn through extra-curricular activities
  • ensure that students are eager to know how to improve their learning. They capitalise on opportunities to use feedback, written or oral, to improve
  • provide parents with clear and timely information on how well their child is progressing and how well their child is doing in relation to the standards expected.

All staff will follow the detailed guidelines in the Chiltern Learning Trust Teaching and Learning Policy for planning and delivering and assessing in lessons. This includes:

  • planning all lessons within the context of the appropriate scheme of work
  • long, medium, short-term subject plans and exam syllabuses
  • planning lessons for classes, groups and individuals in the context of prior attainment data and individual targets for attainment, ensuring an acute awareness of pupils’ capabilities and their prior learning and understanding
  • planning to ensure that all lessons are appropriately challenging for pupils, establishing high expectations of what can be learnt and achieved relative to their prior learning and abilities
  • using pupil planners regularly and habitually to record homework, to record praise, to record targets and to communicate with parents
  • ensuring that pupils’ work is marked up to date, following the detailed guidance contained in the school’s marking policy
  • ensuring that all pupils know how well they are doing in the subject and are clear about their next steps for improvement following the detailed guidance contained in the school’s assessment policy.


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