Aims and values

Kingsland Academy seeks to be an outstanding school for the Luton community. It will focus on pupil performance, be based on outstanding leadership, engage in positive relations, with high quality teaching and a strong desire to improve.

What are the primary aims of Kingsland Academy?

The Chiltern Learning Trust is characterised by its passionate and unrelenting drive to ensure that every one of its students makes extraordinary progress, achieves exceptional standards and realises his or her huge potential within academies where best practice is commonplace, which pride themselves at being at the cutting edge of innovation and next practice.

The Trust is committed to developing the whole person so that young people know what they care about in life and what drives them; know their strengths and aspirations; know how to remain optimistic and bounce back from setbacks; know how to deal with their emotions; know what makes them happy and how to stay that way; know the importance of humour; know how to look after themselves and live healthy fulfilling lives and know how to support others and how they can contribute to making society a better place for themselves, others and future generations.

The Trust will do this by offering them a first class education within Kingsland Academy, and by offering outstanding enrichment opportunities which will offer them unique experiences and see them truly stand apart from others.

What are the values of Kingsland Academy?

We passionately believe that all children and young people, however challenging their circumstances and whatever their background, can achieve. Our students will practise the values of integrity, compassion, understanding and tolerance.

Integrity: We are honest, trustworthy and true to our word Compassion: We are kind, humane, gracious and empathetic Understanding: We are considerate, generous, sympathetic and forgiving Tolerance: We are open-minded, receptive and patient. Yet we are strong and resilient.

We will encourage our students to be self-disciplined, resilient and creative. They will be confident, able to express themselves eloquently and importantly, have the ability to think. They will be given the power, responsibility and chance to control their lives and their learning by acquiring the knowledge, skills, qualities and attributes necessary to succeed in modern life.

We see these attributes as being vitality, competence, professionalism, resilience, articulacy and artistry.

Vitality: I have flair, sparkle and an enquiring mind
Competence: I have deep knowledge and understanding. Through continuous practice, I am able, proficient and have good judgement
Professionalism: I am civil, reliable, dedicated and willing. I am open-minded and ready to learn
Resilience: I am flexible yet strong, quick to recover and eager to bounce back. I am irrepressible
Articulacy: I speak fluently, persuasively and with confidence both in private and in public
Artistry: I have great skill in creative endeavours. I draft, redraft and continuously practise until I show mastery and finesse

We believe that the core values which we wish to instil in all our students will help them not only to be successful in their own right, but will enable them to become sensible, sensitive, responsible and decent young people who will make a significant, meaningful and far reaching contribution to their families, communities, and society as a whole.


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Kingsland Academy, 
The Chiltern Learning Trust, 
c/o Denbigh High School,
Alexandra Avenue, 
Luton, Bedfordshire, LU3 1HE

Phone: 01582 736611

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